Friday, March 14, 2014

Its π Day!!!!

3-14....GET IT!!

π ways I will celebrate Pi-Day!!
1- Tell my mom I'm going to go on a trip out of the country by myself! She will tell me I'm not thinking rationally!! HAHAHA (she really tells me that a lot)
2- Make some π-neapple lemonade! 
3- Run 3.14 miles
.14- Eat Pie!!!

so Today is Pi day!! 
Honestly I absolutely love Pie....wait Pi....wait π...wait no 3.1415926.....Oh you know what I'm talking about!! As a Math person, math major, math teacher.....I find that Pi transcends the Math world!! Because its everywhere in the natural world, thats why I find so many people who hate math, but love Pi....wait what??

Anywho...check out the history of Pi if your interested!!

Click the Links!! (it'll save you the time of typing Pi into Google)

So how cool is it that one of my favorite shows Veronica Mars, that was cancelled, has a movie coming out TODAY!!! Pi-Day Friday!!! I will be going to see it today!! 

Now let me tell you! I had a huge plan for today!! I was going to sell pies, and pi-neapple lemonade, and make cookies shaped like pie, and go to free day at the exploratorium!! BUT!! yea none of that is happening today, because
lol no I'm kidding....I wanted to soooo bad but I have other things that I need to do homework....prepare and study for two tests next week, clean my room, make dinner, and believe me I would have prepped early for this, but I feel as though God is working something in me with how I use to be with planning and this year I've planned stuff and it didn't go the way I expected and I am learning to not freak out when that happens!! 


ok well back to Pi-Day
Did you know the celebration of Pi-Day was originated in the Bay Area...check out this link to learn more!! Just when I think living in the bay area can't get any better...

and now I bid you good day!! I have to start my day!!

Here are a few snap shots of me in my Pi shirts..representing like whaaaa...

And here are some cool informative, funny, Pi related videos!!! =) 

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