Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lesson 1: Day 70: Put my hands to work!

Dear Britne,

I thought about writing a letter to myself...

Dear Long Lost,

I thought about contacting that long lost...

Dear Best Friend,

I thought about asking my best friends...

none of these happened

I'm running towards nothing, and getting nowhere.

Today is Day 70 of 2014! MY infamous seven year! The year is about a 1/5 of the way through. When I think back to when I was looking forward to this year, I feel like I had so much stuff planned that was suppose to happen. I don't remember what any of that stuff is besides one thing....Graduation. I mean I think I thought that everything I ever wanted was just going to magically appear because I love God and the numbers align to seven for me on this year. I think I thought that I would just glide through everything so peacefully because this is the year, this is MY seven year! I think I just thought satan was just gonna forget about me simply because I found sevens to work for me in this year.

Thats what I do.....I think too much! I really do, so much to the point that after being on social networks for 9 years, they didn't distract me anymore from my thoughts, because Facebook itself asks you....what are you thinking?? So I after all these years found YouTube....yes I actually went to youtube for more than music and well yea I mostly just listened to music on there, thats what I thought YouTube was for!! So I began distracting myself. With YouTube families and gurus.....I even started a channel! but do you guys know how time consuming making and editing videos is!! I had to stop!! I can't spend six and seven hours filming, editing and posting videos and not spend that much time on my homework. It was becoming an addiction...so I stopped, I stopped making videos, and I will stop spending hours watching YouTube videos...I have to focus on the bigger picture! I'm graduating this semester, I can't let anything stand in the way!! God has something so big for me this year, I know it, I can feel it, but if I don't do the right thing, and let satan get the upperhand on me, all that God has for me won't manifest, and it'll be my fault!! I refuse to let that happen! It's Day 70, time to stop slackin...I'm ready for all God has for me, and I'm going to prove it! Theres so much more to this story, but that will come later, stay tuned you guys!!

This is my Journey from Day 70 to Day 144! Big things planned!
With God by my side nothing is impossible unto me!!
He said he would bless the works of my hands!

Lesson 1: Day 70: Put my hands to work!

These were my seven cents,
and this is my life as Entirb!

Love Jesus, Love Purple, Live Beautifully, Be Sweet!!

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