Thursday, March 13, 2014

I couldn't stop the tears!

I don't like crying in front of people,
in public,
at home,
in my car,
where anyone can see me.....

I feel like I have the most horrible crying face....well maybe not as bad as Farrah, but my nose starts to run, my eyes get all crusty, my face is all wet....its just not a good look!

But today, I couldn't stop the public....I mean good thing no one pays attention to me in class, but still....ok so you wanna know what happened??

Ok I'll tell you! Gosh! Calm Down! I can only type so fast, if you want this to make any type of sense. =).

soooo...I'm graduating this semester from college. I was super excited going into this semester!

You know after I got the pastor to pray for me, and started trusting God!

Because the devil had a hold of my mind for a minute before school started....saying things like, "you know you can't do this" "your not gonna graduate on time" "you can't pass those tests" "you know your not smart enough" and I will be honest with you guys, it was getting to me, I lost focus, I became unmotivated, I was sad, I wasn't eating, I almost began believing those things being fed to my mind! But like I said, I went to the Pastor for prayer, and he repeated something I had heard before, but just let it fly away....When Satan is telling you that you can't/won't do always means that you are going to do it, and its bringing forth something greater for you that he doesn't want you to get!

So now Satan can't get in my head anymore! I'm full force faithful to my God knowing he can and will do all things!! So now what else is left, my body and my family!! and boy has he been busy!! All these attacks on my body and my moms body, causing me to miss school, causing me to miss tests, trying to take me out of the game, trying to get me out of the will of God!!

So I haven't got to today yet have I....forgive goes....

I was running late to class this morning, hadn't eaten or drank anything bad, the night before or this morning, but for some reason, out of no where I started getting excruciating pelvic pain, it was so hard for me to walk this morning, to do anything that involved moving anything below my waist. I don't know where it came from! I walked through it, confessing, I am healed, in Jesus name I am healed by your stripes....and by the end of the day, it was gone!!

I know I still haven't got to the tears part yet,

you see what had happened was...

I was sitting in class, confessing healing through this pain, and I started thinking about how satan has been trying to take me out, how he really is trying extra hard to make me not graduate! and then I thought about how each step of the way God has been there for me, never leaving me, continuing to bless me, with the favor of my teachers, they are the most caring, patient, and understanding teachers I could ever ask for. They work with me, and truly want the best for me! Another reason why I couldn't stop the tears is because of one of my friends/classmates, the care that he showed towards me, it was overwhelming, I was just so thankful in that moment, that I couldn't stop the tears....Lord knows I tried, but they came out, and it got to a point where wiping them away didn't stop them from coming, pressing my eyes didn't stop them, so I had to just let them flow, and that opened up my day for more!

Thank you Jesus!! I couldn't do anything without you!! I Love You!!

Thank you for reading my story...God truly does give this undeserving child much favor, and for that I am forever thankful!!

These were my seven cents!
& This is my life as Entirb!

Love Jesus, Love Purple, Live Beautifully, Be Sweet!

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